Commercial Dispute Resolution

HHR Lawyers has been involved in many high profile litigation matters in Indonesia and in the region. We provide clients with a complete range of litigation services in all complex dispute and arbitration matters, both in local as well as trans-border international cases. In Indonesian litigation works, members of the practice group have handled a full range of litigation practice in Indonesia, both within the context of out-of-court as well as in-court settlement routes; and ranging from counseling and provide solution for outside of court settlement up to the following complex litigation matters: (i) civil, corporate and commercial litigation, including shareholders disputes and corporate investigations; (ii) criminal legal proceedings, all at regional as well as national (headquarter) levels of the police offices; (iii) administrative court disputes; (iv) banking and finance commercial disputes, including loan disputes and enforcement of security rights in favor of the creditors as well as borrowers; (v) capital market and securities litigations; (vi) bankruptcy litigations, including suspension of payments schemes; (vii) antitrust and anti-competition litigations; (viii) agency, distribution, licensing and franchise litigation, including clean break issues in the termination of contracts in Indonesia; (ix) media and telecommunication litigation; (x) real property and construction litigation; (xi) intellectual property litigation; (xii) manpower and industrial relation disputes; (xiii) insurance and re-insurance dispute; (xiv) product liability and class action cases; (xv) shipping and maritime disputes; and (xvi) energy and natural resources dispute.

Comdis PG Leaders:


Pheo M. Hutabarat (Senior Partner)


Asido M. Panjaitan (Senior Partner)


Yuris A. Hakim (Partner)