HHR Updates
2023-10-27 18:26:22

HHR Lawyers' Morning Coffee Session in October 2023


Welcome to another vibrant morning at HHR Lawyers! At HHR Lawyers' Nusantara Lounge, our "Morning Coffee" session was anything but ordinary.

This time, the topic was all about "Getting the Master Through: LL.M. Degree (Lex Legibus Master)", where we had our Senior Partner, Pheo M. Hutabarat as the moderator and LL.M. alumni from prestigious universities abroad: our Senior Associate, Pardamean Kurniawan from Cornell University, USA, also our Associates, Chrisandya Sinurat from Leiden University, Netherlands and Lydia Almira Wirawan from University of Leeds, England. They didn't just spill the beans about their LL.M. adventures, they brewed up some amazing insights on why it's worth it, the perfect timing to jet off for your degree, and so much more.

We also officially welcomed our rising stars, the newly promoted Junior Associates, after the session. And let's not forget that we also enjoyed our snacks along with our coffee (and other tempting beverages, of course) while diving into the topic of discussion.