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2023-05-24 00:00:00

Nini N. Halim's Point of View: The Importance of Foreign Language Proficiency


Our Senior Partner, Nini N. Halim is featured in Hukumonline's article talking about her point of view on the importance of foreign language proficiency for Indonesian lawyers in today's globalized era. 

Globalization Era, Can Lawyers Survive Without Mastering Foreign Languages? Along with the rapid development of the times, globalization has become an inevitable. This clearly has an impact on various aspects, one of which is for the legal service provider industry. 

For Ms. Nini N. Halim, in the midst of the current era of globalization, mastery of foreign languages, she said, is an essential thing to have. By mastering foreign language, a lawyer will have added value. 

You may read the full article here: